How do we win when we are up against ourselves?

A month has passed since the beginning of the year, and if statistics are to be trusted most who resolved to change in 2018 – those who whole heartedly, defiantly, committed to change – have already broken their resolutions. This is not an indication that people are weak willed, lacking […] Read more »

Christmas – whatever it means to you – it will come and go…

Christmas – a word and time that comes with many strong associations. Some love the season and all that comes with it. They experience profound feelings of warmth, fun, belonging and generosity. Others hate it. They experience profound feelings of loss, loneliness, stress and separation. And then there are those […] Read more »

A powerful subconscious mind trick to help us overcome and do what we want.

The subconscious mind is most impressionable during childhood. However studies in neuroplasticity have shown that the human brain remains programmable even in adulthood. Both in childhood and adulthood our subconscious mind learns through 1) repetition 2) is conditioned through experiences that have significant emotional content for us growing up and […] Read more »

Why now?

I ask this of everyone I work with. People who can remember blushing embarrassingly in national school, now in their 20’s finally decide to do something about it. Why now?   Those who dreaded reading in class still hate presenting information in their companies come to me in their 30’s. […] Read more »

Stop worrying and DO something about it!

That was the advice a friend told me when I was expressing my fear about not having a pension set up by my 40’s. It stopped me in my tracks and after a little bit of feeling confronted and called out on the obvious – all I could say is […] Read more »

Stuck in a rut? Here’s how to get out…

We can define ‘stuck in a rut’ as any area of life we want to change but can’t seem to bring about that change. We want to lose weight but can’t seem to change our lifestyle habits. We want to progress in work but are afraid to speak up or […] Read more »

3 depressing habits and how to correct them…

With a ball of dread stuck in the pit of the stomach and the head feeling like it’s cloaked in a black cloud of fear and worry it’s very hard to get perspective or find any energy to make progress. Getting through a day is struggle enough – trying to […] Read more »

Easy to use tip to help low self esteem sufferers today!

Consider this: Feelings are signals. Hunger is a feeling that tells us to eat so we will survive. Thirst is so we will drink water to survive. What if feelings of, ‘self esteem’, ‘confidence’, ‘loneliness’ and so on are also signals telling us something to ensure our happiness and survival? […] Read more »