About Ailish McGrath…


Original Training and Background:

I qualified as a Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist in 2003, and dedicated myself to full time practice by 2004. Since then I have worked with hundreds of clients, clocking up thousands of clinic hours honing my skills, developing professionally, getting to understand people and how to help them overcome limiting habits and problems, in a practical useful way that gets consistent results.
Prior to this work I was a process consultant for 6 years and for a brief time a secondary school teacher.
IAEBP Small Logo N SquareI have achieved the highest possible qualification in hypnotherapy available in Ireland, and have gone on to complete a further course of study with the world’s leading Pure Hypno-Analysis school of therapy in the UK.



Coherence Therapy, formerly known as Depth Oriented Brief Therapy, is a system of experiential, empathic psychotherapy that enables therapists to consistently foster deep, lasting shifts, dispelling clients’ symptoms at their emotional roots often in a relatively small number of sessions. 


Copy of Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Diploma Hypnotherapy

Diploma Hypnotherapy

IAPH Diploma

IAPH Diploma

Advanced diploma

Advanced diploma

Copy of EFT, GSH & THRIVE certs

EFT levels 1 & 2

EFT levels 1 & 2



Thrive Consultant

Thrive Consultant


Expert Stop-Smoking Hypnotist:

I worked in one of Ireland’s leading dedicated stop-smoking clinics for a year, where I learned in detail the specific mind set and belief systems that smokers have and how to best help them become non-smokers (having thought of themselves as smokers for years). This exclusive work with smokers brought me to a level of efficiency in my work that I am now expert in helping people overcome their smoking habit. I now offer the same standard of treatment you can expect from a hypnotist expert in their field in my own practice based in Sandyford, Dublin.

On-Going Education and Supervision in Hypnosis & Cognitive Training:

Every year I complete CPD (continual professional development) in the field of hypnosis, cognitive and behavioral training and hypnotherapy, to ensure that my skills stay current, fresh and consistent.

My work is supervised by a certified and experienced mentor, who has decades of experience in the form of hypnoanalysis, hypnosis for suggestion, mind training and hypnotherapy that I do.

Matching the client and the form of treatment:

Having examined many forms of therapy I realise now that for me and my skill set, I achieve the best results when I match the therapeutic modality (e.g suggestion hypnosis, mind training, hypnoanalysis therapy, energy psychology, NLP techniques etc) with the specific personality type and learning style of each person I work with.
So you get an approach that would best suit you that can effectively bring about the results you are looking for.

Being a safe therapist:

I love what I do and I am as enthusiastic about it now as when I started all those years ago. I have of course gone through my own therapy (hypno-analysis) – to clear out all of my own accumulated subconscious emotional material. This ensures I’m not getting in the way of helping you and can do a far better job than those who don’t complete their own work. It has given me an insight as to what you go through when you are with me and this again ensures I can be of the best possible help to you. It is truly an empowering process.

There is always HOPE:

No matter how bleak any circumstance may seem I firmly believe that you already have all that you need for success. Both the cause (or reason) for your problem and the solution to your problem is found in the same place – inside your conscious and sub-conscious mind, and within the wisdom of your heart. There is NOTHING EXTERNAL to you that can fix a problem that originates INSIDE of you.
I fully appreciate that the first step of any journey is often the most difficult, making that call for your first appointment, wondering if anyone or anything can help.
However, if you believe, as I do, that we are all born equal then it follows that if healing is deserved by anyone then it is deserved by everyone, and that includes you.
I am highly professional, approachable, non -judgemental , work to the highest ethical standards, and am committed to the resolution of your problem.

How we can do hypnotic and mind training work effectively together:

Your part of the deal is to take a leap of faith in yourself, trust in your instinct that has brought you this far and make the call. My part is to provide you with a safe environment for us to work in, to insure total confidentiality and to use proven therapies to the best of my professional abilities, training and experience in order to help you resolve that difficulty. You have my word that I will honor my part of the deal.
I would like to end by offering you a blessing once offered me. It has helped me many times.

O be strong then and brave,

Pure, patient and true.

The work that is yours let no other hand do.

For the strength for all need is faithfully given

From the fountain within you 
The Kingdom of Heaven .

The power of awareness (Neville)


Qualifications & Membership: 

  • Certificate in Coherence Therapy
  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
  • Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
Certified Guided Self Healing Practitioner
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Levels 1 & 2

Member of:

International Association for Evidence Based Psychotherapy (IAEBP)
  • Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (ICHP)
  • The National Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Register (IRL)
Guided Self Healing (US)