Therapeutic Approaches: by Dublin based hypnotherapist Ailish McGrath

There are various approaches to tackling personal problems and symptoms:

Three Main Ways

Suggestion Therapy: Rethink what’s possible…

Rethink what's Possible...

Rethink what’s Possible…

Mind Training: Tidy up your beliefs…



HypnoTherapy: Let go of the past…

Release the past...

Release the past…

1) Suggestion Hypnosis:

This is where a person, in a hypnotic trance, accepts positive suggestions for change. The suggestions are given verbally, take root in the deep part of the mind (sub-conscious), and the person experiences changes in that area of their life.
It usually involves 1-3 hourly sessions and is €80 a session.
Suggestion hypnosis is excellent to help with

  • stopping smoking
  • stopping nail biting
  • weight loss
  • relieving exam nerves
  • overcoming the fear of flying – or other simple fears


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2) Mind training – The “Happy Ways, Happy Days” programme.

This is a 4-6 week course. The sessions take an hour and are €80 a session. It is designed to teach you to think well, change limiting beliefs and habits and learn to thrive in life.
Mind training is excellent for:

  • Building self esteem
  • Developing confidence presenting, in meetings and in social situations
  • Learning techniques, tools and strategies that can be used to overcome challenges in the future
  • Learning how to access your deeper mind to programme positive changes


To find out more about Mind Training click HERE


3) HypnoTherapy.

This is a therapeutic process,conducted over 8-14 weekly sessions, and is designed to release the bottled up emotions that are preventing you from feeling well about yourself and living life to the full.
Therapy is excellent for:

  • Releasing long standing emotional problems
  • Improving your sexual function
  • Mental spring-cleaning
  • Letting go of anxiety


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