Hypnotherapy Help with Emetophobia (fear of being sick): by Dublin based hypnotherapist Ailish McGrath


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    Eating with Confidence...

    Eating with Confidence…

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    Emetophobia – The fear of being sick / The fear of vomiting.

    Emetophobia is a phobia of being sick (vomiting), where the sufferer might actively avoid any situation which might bring with it the possibility of vomiting. This would include avoiding hospitals, boats, water, children, various foods, stuffy pubs, city center, pregnancy etc – anything that could be associated with being sick or the smell of vomit is militated against.
    It is a very common phobia (the International Emetophobia Society rates it as the fifth most common phobia), however generally it is not talked about publically, and it is rare that those who suffer from it tell the people around them how they feel. Talking about it often stimulates the sick feeling the sufferer is afraid of.


    Read a MailOnline article on how the Thrive Progamme helped an emetophobe:

    EXCLUSIVE: Louise Fellows, 37, obsessively researched norovirus, stopped eating and avoided her son when he was ill. She is now ‘cured’ after undergoing a new treatment.


     The effects of emetophobia.

    Generally speaking a fear of being sick develops very early in life, so by the time a person reaches adulthood they have been managing their fear for a long time, and have got used to living restricted lives because of it.
    Often it is when a woman wants to start a family, and is terrified of the morning sickness, that they think about getting treatment for the problem.
    However, long before they get to this stage in life they have been restricting themselves in many other ways. For example:

    • Avoiding family holidays or business trips which may involve flying, because of the possibility of feeling sick while flying.
    • The person might avoid certain types of food, be very picky with what they eat, rarely eat out in restaurants and are often quite underweight.
    • The person may feel the need to avoid the doctor’s surgery or hospitals, because of the fear of seeing other people who might be ill or may be sick at any time. Commonly a person cannot visit friends or family when they are unwell. This often leads to stress and accusations in the family for not caring about those who are ill.
    • The suffer might have an obsession with cleanliness.
    • Emetophobes often avoid putting themselves in any situation that has a rotating or undulating physical movement, such as on a boat or roller-coaster


    Using hypnotherapy +/or Mind Training as a treatment for emetophobia (the fear of being sick)

    As the sufferer of emetophobia will know, this is one of the phobias that can (and often does) affect every day of their lives. As it is so strongly linked with everyday occurrences such as eating and travelling, it can have a severe impact on the life of the emetophobe.
    Fortunately, emetophobia is one of the phobias that responds exceptionally well to a successful course of hypnotherapy.

    Emetophobia CAN Be Helped!


    Why Hypnosis is so successful at treating Emetophobia

    There are certain thinking styles that most Emetophobes have in common, like thinking catastrophically (worst case scenarios) and being hyper-vigiliant (looking out for danger). These thinking styles and their limiting effects can be re-trainied to think with better perspective. Building a sense of inner power and resourcefulness can greatly reduce and often eliminate the symptom completely.
    If a person has had emotionally upsetting or stressful experiences relating to the phobia they can be resolved and neutralised.
    The processes I use are an approach that works successfully at treating emetophobia.