Hypnotherapy for Weight Management & Body Image: by Dublin based hypnotherapist Ailish McGrath


  • You hate looking in the mirror, refuse to be photographed and avoid looking at yourself naked.
  • Shopping ends in tears, self hatred and a binge.
  • You’ve tried and failed to stick to a ‘diet’ and get excited with the next best thing but don’t get results.
  • You use food to numb out, feel better or celebrate life.
  • You’ve a weight management or body image problem.

    Does this interest you?

    Weight Goal Success...

    Weight Goal Success…

    • Do you want to look in a mirror and love your reflected image?
    • Are you done with condemning your body to a life of negative suggestions, the burden of fat or the potential for ill-health?
    • Imagine finally resolving your body issues for good!
    • Interested?….then read on

    The Cause of Weight Problems and the Use of Hypnosis to Treat Weight Loss, Weight Gain and Poor Body Image.

    There is usually very little a person struggling with weight issues doesn’t know about dieting, calories and exercise. If you have become interested in hypnotherapy for weight management then you have more than likely yo-yoed for years and done all the fad diets, gimmicks and exercise plans.
    They do work – as long as you stick to the plan – eating less and exercising more will always result in losing weight. The problem is that none of the plans address the drivers inside a person that’s causing them to over or under eat, and they just treat the symptom (weight), rather than the cause.
    The bottom line is – if you could consistently follow any reasonable eating plan you would have done so by now.
     So it is time to address the cause – those emotions that are driving your eating behaviour. There’s a reason why you respond to stress (either good stress like celebrations, or negative stress like boredom, sadness etc) by ‘feeding the feeling’, it’s a learned response and using hypnotherapy that response is un-learned.
    Once you learn to respect yourself and your body, and once you begin to respect food, and see it clearly for what it is (nourishment to keep you healthy), you begin to normalize your weight effortlessly.

    Poor Body Image

    Who among us, particularly if you are a woman, can say truly that we love our body image? The media, social conditioning and all of the bill boards bombard us with one simple message – you body isn’t good enough. They do this to sell us something. It simply isn’t in the diet, fashion or magazine industry’s interest to tell us that we look great just as we are – that’s not going to shift units of stock.
    It’s not surprising then that some of this suggestion has got into our internal programming, and most of us will have little hang up’s about our body, but it’s unlikely to cause any major problem. It will begin to cause a substantial problem when those messages are added to an already shaky foundation of unresolved subconscious stress and bad programming, eroding our confidence and increasing our anxiety .
    When those hang up’s become a constant and never ending record in our heads about what’s wrong with us and how ugly we are then it’s time to get that sorted. There’s one person you really should do everything in your power to have onside – and that person is you!
    Once you resolve the underlying cracks in the foundation of your self-esteem and body image, you will find it incredibly liberating. Just imagine if you focused the energy you are wasting on telling yourself you are not good enough into something you really wanted to ‘be’, ‘do’ or ‘have’?


    Weight and Body Image CAN Be Helped!


    Why is this successful at treating weight and body image problems:

    Most people who are overweight believe themselves to be powerless around food, powerless to maintain a certain weight with their lifestyle and powerless to other emotions (like frustration, boredom, sadness) that they tend to eat food to deal with.
    Building an internal resourceful sense of power and control, gaining self esteem, and mastering techniques to handle emotions and life stresses in a healthy way are ways to provide a solution to the real problem with overeating.
    Generally speaking over or under eating is a surface symptom, a management technique, to deal with emotions. These can be celebratory emotions or feelings of boredom, unhappiness, low confidence etc. In other words some form of ‘stress’ drives the eating behaviour.
    As hypnotherapy releases the built up subconscious stress in your mind, it has an excellent knock on result in your eating habits and self image.