Hypnotherapy for Self – Awareness; coming to know your true Self: by Dublin based hypnotherapist Ailish McGrath


  • Lost sight of your true self and what you truly want in life?
  • Tired of living from other people’s expectations and beliefs?
  • Want to feel at home in your own mind and body?

    Does this interest you?

    Self - Awareness

    Self – Awareness

    • How would you like to express your true self in the world?
    • Imagine feeling a pervading sense of self-love no matter what…
    • Would you like to know your true self?
    • Interested?….then read on

    The ultimate result of self-inquiry – a homecoming.
    Often when a person thinks about doing a course of therapy it is because they have some symptom/problem that is causing difficulties in their life. Once the therapy is over the symptom is resolved and a successful ‘result’ is obtained. And this is often the result that many want – i.e the absence or release of a symptom.
    However there is another way of looking at the ‘result’ of therapy and that is the gain in self-awareness that it brings. It is a process whereby you re-member who you really are and with the release of the bottled up emotions and limiting beliefs, find the part of yourself that was split off from you and hidden behind the bottled up emotions. It’s as if you gain back the part of you that you always felt was missing but couldn’t understand or put into words what it was or what its absence felt like.
    With this you feel more whole, self loving and accepting of yourself in a way you hadn’t done since you bottled those emotions up and learned those limiting beliefs in the first place. There isn’t any effort or affirmation required of you to bring this about. It simply happens naturally. The resulting self awareness and inner contentment is unconsciously self generating and cannot ever again be taken away from you.

    Understanding yourself.

    With the journey you go on during the therapy, you will begin to understand deeply the patterns of friendship, relationship, family roles and dramas that have played out in your life so far. You gain a wonderful understanding of where your tendencies, behaviours and beliefs came from. More importantly you get to easily change any of those beliefs about yourself or the world that aren’t working for you. Clear of the bottled up emotion, the insight and awareness gained allows you see yourself clearly for the first time, in a very real, accepting and tangible way.

    Ongoing attitude.

    You still have normal life stresses, situations and people that challenge you – that is just ‘life’. However now you meet all those experiences from a place of strength, self acceptance, self-awareness and an attitude of ‘I’ll do my best and just see what happens… either way I’m OK’. Trust me when I tell you that this is a lovely graceful way of being, and the ultimate ‘result’ of this therapy.
    Your true self is always inside you and being able to express yourself in the world with congruency, is always a latent ability within us all. What is needed is a ‘spring clean’ of the mind and emotions so that whatever it is that’s getting in the way of you being real is released and who you really are emerges in the best, safest and most natural way for you.

    Why Hypnotherapy is so successful at helping you gain self-awareness:

    False selves, social masks, protective strategies, lack of knowing ourselves, not expressing ourselves honestly happens through social conditioning and when we bottle up emotions in childhood (though we may not become aware of this for many years). The cost of bottling up emotion is that a part of our true nature gets bottled up with it and we loose an aspect of our whole selves from our awareness. The only way to resolve the problem – is to release the bottled up emotions that are causing it.
    These bottled up emotions are stored in the person’s subconscious mind so the sufferer has no conscious awareness of them. In our formative years (with only a child’s resourcefulness, insight and maturity) bottling the emotions up was the best plan of action for dealing with difficult strong emotion. It was done by our subconscious mind so we weren’t overwhelmed by the emotions, and could get on with growing up.
    However, now that you are grown up you do have the resourcefulness of an adult and can easily face and resolve those emotions and beliefs that were too much for the child.

    Becoming aware of how you think, and how that impacts how you feel and see yourself and the world is life changing. Realising that you can make choices and learn strategies for your thinking to be supportive and loving is empowering.