On-Line Sessions after Covid-19 Restrictions:
I continue to offer online sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. In person sessions are available Tuesday and Friday.

Client’s Quotes:

“I couldn’t believe how calm and strong I was…it really made such a difference…”
“…self esteem (has improved) from 30% to 70%
“I have never in my entire life felt so relaxed and good…”
“…easily the best money I’ve ever spent

Hello and Welcome…

When you feel down or scared to do what you’d like to do. When your body shows others the fear inside and you think they will judge you for it. When you’ve avoided and suffered and now – for whatever reason – have to do something about your problem; please be reassured that there is something that will make a difference.

I use proven, safe techniques to successfully treat problems such as Anxiety (nervousness, panic), Blushing, Depression (low mood, feeling down), Phobias (e.g flying, driving, spiders) and Confidence issues (dating, presenting, work interactions).

Some of these will require several sessions to resolve, yet it is brief and focused work. I always tailor the sessions to your needs and proceed at a pace that is most appropriate for you. From the very first session, our goal will be resolving the problem that you want fixed.

The form of trance I use is a natural state that we all drift in and out of several times a day. The only difference is that I use the state of hypnosis to bring about beneficial and lasting change. There is no magic, force or control.

We will meet initially for a confidential chat, I will ask you what you want to sort out and I will listen to you. And I am confident that together we can free you from your unpleasant feelings, fears, habits or physical symptoms – permanently.

I appreciate that this will be an investment of your time, money and emotions and I treat that with respect. I have over 15 years experience and it has been evidenced that the therapy I practice is one of the most successful, quick, thorough and empowering of any therapy available today. If you chose to come and see me, my expectation is that the problem you are looking for help with will be completely and permanently resolved in just a few weeks.

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Most common problems helped…

  • Anxiety, Fear, Worry: Heart racing, mouth dry, rapid thoughts, embarrassed, frightened. Feeling powerless to stop fearful feelings. Second guessing yourself. Worried what others are thinking about you. Anxiety is very stressful to live with. It is also fully resolvable.
  • Stop Smoking: You can save thousands of euro a year by quitting – along with improving your health. I use a proven method to help you quit smoking for good.
  • Sexual issues are very common but not commonly discussed. Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction, vaginismus, fear, stress, guilt and feelings of inadequacy around sex can be helped.

Drop in for a chat and let’s get it sorted out. 087 2201 453