Hypnotherapy to Help with Blushing: by Dublin based hypnotherapist Ailish McGrath


  • Feeling hot, sweaty, blotchy, ‘on the spot‘ and embarrassed?.
  • Dread that sensation of the blood flooding up your neck and face?
  • Had enough of worrying about it coming on and avoiding people and places where it happens?

    Many people, just like you, have successfully overcome their blushing. I am confident that I can help you stop the blushing response within a brief time.

    Hypnotherapy for Blushing

    Everybody blushes from time to time and this is perfectly normal. In fact many people who blush are not bothered by it at all.
    However, those who suffer from their blushing finds it a major hindrance in their life. Blushing often impacts their self confidence, their social life, their dating, progress in their work life e.g not speaking up in meetings, or missing out on promotions because of the dread of presentations or staff meetings at a higher level.
    When your blushing is stopping you from living and achieving the way you want to then it’s time to address the problem.

    Why do we blush?

    Generally speaking blushing occurs for two main reasons
    1) As part of a ‘flight or fight’ response when you feel threatened. You subconsciously believe you are in danger so your body responds by firing you up; preparing you to fight it out or run away. Blushing is part of that response. It’s an old mechanism in the mind that was useful when we were in danger in the wild, however now a days it’s more likely to occur when we feel psychologically threatened.
    So you might blush when your ideas are threatened or challenged, or you might blush when you are angry, during confrontations with colleagues or friends. You might blush when you feel intimidated by others. You might blush when you feel foolish or embarrassed or somehow feel negatively judged by others (part of social phobia).
    2) The second reason you might blush is part of a sexual rush when you are aroused. Many people who blush dread when this happens as they feel it ‘shows their cards’. Also many who blush fear that their blushing is being interpreted this way by others and giving a ‘false signal’, when in fact they are more likely to be blushing due to some embarrassment or intimidation.

    Hypnotherapy as a treatment for blushing

    Blushing is very treatable, and responds very well to the processes I use.
    We can go on a journey of your mind and let go of the built up emotion (embarrassment, guilt, fear etc) that is causing you to be unduly stressed or feeling threatened. Once the internal ‘stress needle’ goes down to normal levels then you are well able to handle the stresses of everyday life, without ever again going into the alarming range that can trigger the blushing response.
    We can handle blushing by building self esteem, reducing social anxiety and learning to have control in social situations.
    Sometimes all that’s needed to totally resolve the blushing response is simple suggestion for change.
    The best approach will depend on the personality type of the person experiencing the blushing.
    With blushing what I tell people is one of two results occur. Either you:
     1) Stop the anxiety driven blushing completely


    2) Continue to blush a little, but it no longer bothers you at all – so the emotional meaning you have attributed to blushing is gone and it is no longer holding you back.

    Blushing CAN Be Helped!

    Why Hypnosis +/or Mind Training is so successful at treating blushing:
    One way to resolve the blushing – is to release the bottled up emotions that are causing it. The processes I use are highly effective at resolving inner stressful ideas, beliefs and emotions.
    The mind can be re-trained in how to assess social situations differently, to change the perspective from one of threat to one of safety and to build up a persons awareness of their inner resourcefulness, value and ability.