Hypnotherapy to Help with Sexual Problems: by Dublin based hypnotherapist Ailish McGrath


  • Feeling inadequate in size or performance?
  • Not interested in sex – even though you love your partner?
  • Can only enjoy sex with relative ‘strangers’?
  • Feel discomfort or pain?
  • Wish the whole topic would just go away?
  • Got left over guilt and fear because of past experiences?

    Joyful Love Making

    Joyful Love Making

    Hypnotherapy for Sexual problems.

    Sometimes sexual problems is an area that people find difficult to acknowledge in themselves, and they can be slow to seek help. Often it isn’t until a relationship is threatened before someone will seek treatment, and that’s sad because it is a really easy area to work with and responds exceptionally well to psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.
    I have successfully worked with all forms of sexual issues – both male and female. There is nothing that embarrasses or surprises me on this subject and I am very comfortable discussing the topic. I mention this as most people with sexual problems are very embarrassed and reluctant to talk about it – so having someone like me to work with helps in addressing that discomfort.
    There is a direct link between the level of stress held at a subconscious level and a person’s sexual function. There is also a direct link between our beliefs and how we perform and enjoy (or not) sex. The higher the anxiety and the more guilty or negative our beliefs about sex the lower the sexual function.
    Because what I do works at resolving built up stress, a person’s sexual function always improves after treatment – regardless of whether they come for sexual problems or not! So when we are focused on treating sexual difficulty the results are often even more impressive.

    Where we get our main beliefs about sex:

    The first 7 years of our life is what is known as ‘the imprint period’, where we learn most of our belief system and conditioning. Given our cultural history and taboos about sex it isn’t difficult to see how we would have left over guilt and unconscious stress around the area of sex, or indeed why sexual function is so commonly impaired.

    Hypnotherapy can help with the following sexual symptoms:

    1. Impotence (Male Erectile Disorder or Erectile dysfunction), this is the condition which causes men to have difficulty in getting an erection, or cannot maintain an erection during sex. This can lead to feeling like a failure, frustration, feelings of inadequacy, feelings of rejection and feeling ‘on the spot’.
    2. Premature ejaculation (PE) this is the most common sexual dysfunction in men younger than 40 years old. Premature ejaculation is the persistent experience of ejaculating too quickly with hardly any sexual stimulation. Premature ejaculation occurs before the man wants it to either before or during sex or before penetration. Premature ejaculation is often a symptom of underlying lack of confidence, depression, sense of failure, low self-esteem, helplessness and other emotional issues. It may look like the sufferer gets over-excited but in fact the underlying emotion is usually fear: fear of women or a fear of being judged.
    3. Vaginisimus in women, a sexual problem affecting women where sex is painful or impossible due to intense involuntary muscular contraction.
    4. Orgasmic dysfunction in women. When women fail to reach orgasm even if they enjoy sex it is known as Anorgasmia – the failure to reach orgasm / failure to climax.
    5. Frigidity – Technically known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. Loss of sex drive, lack of interest in sex or low libido can cause frustration and problems within a relationship. One partner (usually female but not always) avoids sexual intercourse, avoids sexual thoughts, has no desire for sex, has a fear of being intimate etc.

    Sexual problems are very treatable, and respond very well to a course of hypnotherapy.

    We go on a journey of your mind where we can let go of built up emotions of fear, anger, guilt and shame. We change our ideas about sex and start to think of sex in a enjoyable and positive way. Once the internal stress goes down to normal levels then your normal sex drive and sexual function is restored.

    Sexual Problems CAN Be Helped!

    Like I said I have worked with many people who experience sexual issues and have heard it all! It’s a topic that I am very comfortable talking about and working to resolve so you can become comfortable with it also. At all times you are safe and I will not push you beyond what you are comfortable with discussing. In fact some of the processes I use don’t even require you to divulge the content at all and can still be helped.
    Sex is an important part of life for most people and one that can be thoroughly enjoyed, so if you are experiencing problems it’s worth dealing with them.