The Uses and Benefits of Suggestion Hypnosis: by Dublin based hypnotherapist Ailish McGrath


Brain States:

‘Hypnosis’ is a term used to describe the normal day dream state when the brain is in a particular frequency range. Just like you can hear a radio station when you tune into a particular frequency, when the brain is in a particular frequency it has particular characteristics.

  State      Brain Wave Frequency
(Cycles per second)
  Beta   14-21   Waking Conscious State. Analytical Thinking
  Alpha   7-14   Light Sleep, Hypnosis, Insight, Intuitive knowing
  Theta   4-7   Sleep & Meditation
  Delta   0-4   Deep Sleep & Unconsciousness

The rhythm that corresponds to the optimum learning state is the alpha range. And it is a state that can be used in various ways to enhance the quality of our life.

Uses and Benefits of the Alpha/Hypnotic State:

We can use the Alpha/Hypnotic brain state to:

  • change old habits
  • introduce new habits
  • let go of emotionally upsetting experiences
  • get intuitive and innovative break throughs
  • rest and restore the body
  • reduce stress
  • visualize and program sport success
  • learn languages
  • memorize academic material



“Hypnosis” therefore is a normal and natural state of mind and is simply the name given to the state the brain is in when its electrical activity corresponds to the Alpha range.

You experience the hypnotic state / hypnosis many, many times during the day, and have done so every day of your entire life .

For example….

  • Just before you fall asleep and just after you wake up you go through hypnosis.
  • If you drive long distances and just find yourself arriving home safely without any real memory of the journey, then you probably entered what is known as the ‘drivers trance’ (which is a perfectly safe hypnotic state).
  • If you read a book and get engrossed in the storyline, feel the emotions of the character, than that too is hypnosis.
  • If you watch an advert a couple of times and find yourself favouring a particular product (over an equally viable option) then that too is an example of you having successfully accepted a hypnotic suggestion.

Everybody of average intelligence can and do enter hypnosis. Nobody can be hypnotized against their will and it is impossible to make you do something you do not want to do while in hypnosis.
Because you have experienced hypnosis so many countless times already, you will not feel anything different when you are with me and in hypnosis, than what you would normally experience when you are relaxed at home.
Hypnosis therefore is not a therapy – it is simply a ‘state of mind’ – a relaxed, safe, comfortable experience where your brainwaves have slowed down a little bit. That is why it is useful as a therapeutic tool/aid because when your brain is relaxed you have greater access to your creativity and memory bank.
What makes hypnotherapy a ‘therapy’, are the techniques used when a person is in hypnosis.
The two techniques when used in hypnosis that can create lasting and permanent change are called ‘suggestion hypnotherapy’, and ‘Hypnotherapy’.

Suggestion Hypnotherapy:

Suggestion hypnotherapy is a very simple and enjoyable process, where a person is given verbal suggestions ( e.g ‘you feel confident and capable speaking in front of people’ ) to change while they are hypnotized. This form of therapy works wonderfully well for very simple problems like smoking cessation, nail biting and weight loss. Because the person is hypnotized the suggestions are much more likely to be recorded deeply in the mind and therefore take automatic effect creating a change in that person’s life.

In Hypnosis:

  • You Hear everything I say to you;
  • You can Speak if asked or want to;
  • You Can move, cough, itch etc without affecting your level of trance;.
  • Hypnosis is perfectly Natural and Safe : if you ever daydreamed, read a book and laughed or were scared, got engrossed in a film, drove someplace without remembering passing certain towns, just before you fall asleep and just after you wake up you are in hypnosis;
  • You are in Complete Control. I cannot do it to you or for you;
  • You will Remember everything that is said in the session if you want to.


What’s NOT Hypnosis:

  • You are Not Asleep – if you fall asleep I’ll wake you up and start over!
  • I do sometimes say the word ‘Sleep’ when inducing trance and what I mean by that is a deep relaxation of your nervous system;
  • You are Not Unconscious;
  • You Cannot get stuck in hypnosis;
  • You Cannot be made do anything against your will . It is proven to be impossible to make anyone in hypnosis do anything against their will. In fact, you would be shocked out of hypnosis immediately if any such action was suggested to you. You will not take on any suggestion that you do not find acceptable and you have my word that I will not knowingly suggest anything to you that is either dangerous or uncomfortable;
  • There is No such thing as a ‘hypnotised feeling’ : some people might feel a tingling in their body, or you might feel heavy, light, warm, or cold, or perhaps a fluttering of eyelids, but other than that there is no physical feeling in hypnosis. This is important because as long as you are wondering if you are hypnotised, because you expect to feel a certain way, you are keeping the critical factor engaged and therefore you are not entering hypnosis. It is imperative to trust the process and accept that whatever subjective feelings you are experiencing, are the right ones for you and then you will bypass the critical factor and enter hypnosis easily and effortlessly.


Lasting Benefits:

The benefits won’t ware off. Because changes brought about under hypnosis are self-rewarding the effects will become stronger over time.
It is Not a contest! If I come up against resistance I cannot help you. Hypnosis is something you decide to willingly enter, I guide you and you choose to follow the session because it’s in your best interest to do so. As you are the one in control at all times, there is nothing I can do to help you if you resist the suggestions/treatment.