Help with Self Confidence and Low Self Esteem: by Dublin based hypnotherapist Ailish McGrath


  • Feeling ‘not good enough’(left behind, under achieving, ugly, worthless, stupid)?
  • Is there something you want to do but just don’t feel able?
  • Commonly treated like a ‘door mat‘?



    Hypnosis as a treatment to help boost low self confidence and low self esteem.

    What confidence is can be difficult to define. Generally though it can be described as having a feeling of trust in your ability to ‘be’, ‘do’ or ‘achieve’ something; whether in a social situation, a relationship, at work, or generally in life.
    The things that you believe or tell yourself you’re not able to do, or not good enough for or undeserving of – leads to feeling lack of confidence. Remembering all the ‘evidence’ and the mistakes in the past and imagining yourself unable in the future chips away at your self esteem.
    Perhaps you were brought up with criticising parents, had insulting teachers, undermining partners or bosses. Perhaps you tried and failed at a career or haven’t yet found what you are good at. Perhaps you haven’t found a partner and it looks like ‘time is running out’. Perhaps you have been rejected for job after job, or date after date.
    There can be many contributory factors that result in low self esteem both from how others treated us in the past and how we treat ourselves now.
    However, once low self-esteem is understood, the emotional cause is discovered, past hurts are healed and the limiting beliefs are changed at a deep level then the inner critic becomes quiet, and you can begin to live a self assured life.
    It can seem like a lot of work but a lot can be achieved in a brief time. I am confident that low confidence and self esteem can be fully resolved and you can experience a feeling of trust in yourself you might not now even believe is possible for you.
    If you feel that you have a lack of self esteem or self confidence and if it is causing problems in your life then find inside yourself the will to fight for yourself, and resolve to give yourself a shot at sorting it out.
    People often find that they need help in gaining an increased level of self-confidence with respect to:

    • Pre-test nerves
    • Exam pressures
    • Meeting a partner, or dealing with issues of confidence in relationships
    • Job interviews
    • Public speaking
    • Presentations
    • Driving test nerves
    • One-off stress situations
    • Low self-esteem blushing
    • Stage fright
    • Overcoming shyness
    • Social Phobia / Social Anxiety
    • Fear of rejection
    • Fear of driving


    Your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem issue CAN Be Helped!

    The processes I use have helped many, many people over the years. The aim of this work is not to ‘control’, or ‘manage’ the problem, the aim is to resolve it completely.
    Treatment for lack of self confidence and low self esteem will address what is causing low self confidence and can give very rewarding and dramatic results.

    Why Hypnotherapy is so successful at treating confidence issues:

    Hypnotherapy, is one of the best methods in the world for treating emotional, psychological or anxiety-related problems. It is an evidence based successful therapy which allows the client to resolve the very root cause of their problem, helping them to change their lives significantly in a short space of time. It’s used to discover the cause of the problems and to allow an emotional release. The emotion once released will take with it the symptoms it’s causing, including the feeling of low self-confidence or low self-esteem.

    Another approach that works wonderfully well is re-training the mind to think better and more positively. Mind training will teach you how to let go of emotional experiences, reassess and release limiting beliefs and build an inner sense of control and power – all of which results in building high self confidence.