Christmas – whatever it means to you – it will come and go…

Christmas – a word and time that comes with many strong associations. Some love the season and all that comes with it. They experience profound feelings of warmth, fun, belonging and generosity. Others hate it. They experience profound feelings of loss, loneliness, stress and separation. And then there are those for whom Christmas is a mixed bag.
No matter what the expectation and then the actual experience of Christmas one thing is certain – “This too shall pass”. It will come and go.

We can use this truth to either savour what is being enjoyed knowing it will end or to endure what’s difficult knowing also it will end.
Christmas allows us to express our good nature. We wish people a lovely time and want them to be happy. We effort to include the excluded. We remember and attempt to alleviate someone’s suffering. It can also trigger our hurt and we end up expressing our pettiness, jealousy and resentments.
It can therefore be a time to face and heal old patterns and woundedness.
It can be what we decide for it to be. We are not passive victims to Christmas and all its associated meanings. We can use it to extend our kindness, express our joy and let go our hurts.
If we do that or we do none of that – it will still remain true ”this Christmas will pass” so please hang in there if you are hurting.
Wishing everyone peace, peace, peace.
With Love,

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