Why now?

I ask this of everyone I work with. People who can remember blushing embarrassingly in national school, now in their 20’s finally decide to do something about it. Why now?
Those who dreaded reading in class still hate presenting information in their companies come to me in their 30’s.
Those overweight for 15 years want to get in shape. Why now?
Commonly people don’t know the answer. They just get to a point when enough is enough and it’s time to do something about their anxieties, fears and problems.


Sometimes there is an event looming that they can’t avoid like a wedding or conference or promotion.
Sometimes it’s at the end of a phase of life: a break up, kids going to college, hitting a milestone birthday that prompts a need for change.
It’s called ‘readiness for change’ and it’s an important point to get to. Those who finally make change happen often wanted something different and suffered and complained for years. They have been avoiding, worrying and enduring emotional pain and somehow get to a stage where not changing is no longer an option.
This point in a person’s life is auspicious. When we reach it, it is so important to act to harness the resolve and get support and guidance if necessary.
The mind likes the familiar – prefers it even when it’s painful over making change. Breakthroughs means ding something different. So to capitalise on the moment of readiness for change stack the odds in favour of succeeding; surround ourselves with like minded people to make progress, get support from books, therapists, coaches, mentors, motivational talks and so on. Get an ‘accountability buddy’ who can encourage and keep us on track.
Readiness for change is essential to make change happen. Yet, by itself it is not enough. After the straw that breaks the camel’s back comes the work of transformation. Often we need help with that part.
That said though those who genuinely get to the point where enough is enough – there’s no stopping them!
I find it a privilege to help people overcome problems like anxiety, fears, blushing, nervousness.
Feel free to drop me a line at info@dublinmindtraining.com or call 087 2201 453 to drop in for a chat.
If not now – when?

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