Words are like spells….Positive Thinking

Every word can be considered to be a unit of energy – the units can be positive and accumulate like a juicy savings account, with plenty of funds to pay for all we want in life, or the units can be negative, like over-drawing every month on our wages.

Words are spells!

Alphabet Game

The more positive feeling words (positive thinking) we use the greater the emotional income. Choosing to think and talk in positive feeling words will result in more enthusiasm, motivation, self belief and get-up-and-go. And our choice of words is a choice we can make, and train ourselves to be disciplined in making.
As our actions in life (e.g filling in an employment form, asking someone on a date, moving to a new country, deciding on what we’ll eat etc) are motivated by how we feel, it pays large dividends to be in the habit of feeling good and resourceful. In that way our actions are likely to be motivated towards succeeding and making progress in life.
The converse is also true, negative, depressed, fearful feelings motivate avoidance and attacking type behaviours and tend not to get us ahead on our goals and dreams.
As every feeling stems from a thought and a thought is basically a ‘word’, becoming fluent in positive language is an achievable way to bring about better feeling states and therefore better more resourceful actions.
Positive words can be learned and practised.
The alphabet game is an enjoyable way of doing this. I have uploaded an example on the Free Stuff page that you can listen to and get into the habit of positive language.
Listen here: The Alphabet game!

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