The Placebo Effect…

The powerful healing capacity of the mind:

The ‘Placebo Effect’ is a term used in medicine for how a patient improves or cures a disease while taking a pill or undergoing a treatment when there is NO active ingredient in the medicine. What it means is that once a patient BELIEVES that they are getting effective treatment they improve or recover completely, often times to the same extent or better than those who do get the active drug.
It is as if we have an inner resource, sometimes termed an ‘inner healer’ that is not activated or turned on until we have been prescribed a course of medicine.
Hypnotists utilize this resource (inner healer) through the application of suggestion. Doctors utilize this resource through the prescription of sugar pills. However what is most important to understand, accept and learn how to access and activate is that we each have this resource and can heal physical and emotional problems by employing it.
There is also a negative effect – called the Nocebo – which is where a doctors doubting or negative prognosis on a course of treatment can reduce the effectiveness of a drug (active drug, sugar pill or sugary).
It all boils down to whatever you believe is going to work for you (or not) is likely to happen. Because what the mind believes tends to actualize in the body.
The training programmes I run teach people how to access and utilize powerful beliefs, along with how to eliminate limiting beliefs.
There is a short documentary called “Heal Your Body On Command” that you can view here for more information on the Placebo (in 5 sections):

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