Say ‘So’ to stressful thoughts


How to gain freedom from stressful thoughts

No thought has any power to hurt you – until you believe in it. When a thought is invested with the power of belief, with the power of identification and with the power of attention it becomes something that can cause you stress.

  • When the mind says ‘you can’t do that’ and you believe that thought you are likely not to even attempt doing it.
  • When the mind says ‘you are not good enough’ and you identify with it and turn it into ‘I am not good enough’ it feels like the truth about the measure of your worth.
  • When the mind says ‘what if the presentation doesn’t go well’ and you play out imagined scenarios about all that could go wrong, paying attention to the worrisome thought you supply the mind with the power to stress you out.
    Stressful, negative, worrisome thoughts are often on automatic and due to our conditioning. They are however, by themselves, powerless.


    Prove your power

    To prove this to yourself get into the habit of saying ‘so’ to the stressful thoughts that arise in the mind. Hold an indifferent, dismissive attitude towards the critical mind chatter and confirm for yourself that you hold the power and don’t have to suffer the effects of believing stressful thoughts.


  • Mind says….’You’ll mess it up’…. You say….. ‘Soooo‘!
  • Mind says….’I’m going to make a fool of myself’…. You
    say….. ‘So‘!
  • Mind says….’They will laugh at me’…. You say….. ‘So‘!
  • Mind says….’I’ll never meet anyone’…. You say….. ‘So‘!
  • Mind says….’I’m too far behind’…. You say….. ‘So‘!
  • Mind says….’You’re too ugly’…. You say….. ‘So‘!
  • Mind says….’You’re going to fail’…. You say….. ‘So‘!
    And so on until you fully appreciate that you can be free of the effects of investing power in all negative conditioned thinking.

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