Imagination Training – Controlling the mind-body connection…

Soliciting the intelligence of the imaginal brain:


Imagery is a natural way we think. It is very closely associated with the emotions. It is a coding language of the intuitive emotional brain (the limbic brain).
However, we have not had much education in how to use it.


  • A runaway imagination is probably the major cause of modern stress (it is not just what is happening – it’s what you think or imagine is going to happen to you – that sends stress signals down into your body)
  • Developing a skilful imagination is a potent stress reliever. One where you can send signals of calmness, peace, power, ability to your body.
  • However, you need to learn some skills in order to use it on purpose.
  • If you are having a problem that you can’t sort in the neocortex (logical, reasoning, analytical brain), imagery brings the resources of the limbic brain (intuition, creativity) into it.
  • Imagery can calm the brain & body, expand awareness, add choices, and empower the mind.
  • Few people have been taught to use their imagination for these purposes.
  • Your imagination is your birth right, and with a little education, you can create profound changes in your life and health.

For example …..if you were to imagine the most fearful thing you’ve ever gone through, and if you were really to imagine yourself there, you could work up pretty high anxiety.
If you instead imagined going someplace that is peaceful and beautiful to you, where you have nothing to do, where it is the right temperature, and you were to imagine what you would see and hear and feel, and totally immerse yourself in that daydream, the brain would send signals down into the limbic system saying ‘ it looks peaceful and safe’ ‘ it sounds peaceful and safe’, ‘ it feels peaceful and safe’ – hit the all clear button, and your body would shift into a relaxed state.

Ask Yourself:

  • So where right now do I want to focus my attention?
  • What train of thought do I want my attention on?

The answer to those questions result in whether your body feels safe and relaxed or is preparing for danger.
The following recording can help in your education of learning to use your imagination on purpose.
Just as a runaway imagination can create a life of extreme stress, a trained imagination can help you achieve profound calm, resourcefulness and success.

Relaxing Recording – Imagination Training – Free to download (right click the image & ‘save link/target as’)

This is a free relaxing recording that teaches you to use your imagination and by your choice induce mental and physical relaxation. It then employs a technique for you to practice creating a particular quality / feeling state you want to feel more of (e.g courage, confidence, acceptance etc), so that accessing that quality becomes something you can do at will, whenever you want or need to.

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