How to stop going red for ‘no reason’.

“My face burns hot anytime they ask me anything. It’s so embarrassing and for no reason. It could be just a simple request to pass something over to them or a comment on what I did at the weekend and that’s enough.”

People who don’t blush often find blushing “endearing” or “cute” and generally feel people who blush to be non-threatening and relax around them; but for the people who blush it can be a daily torture.
They tend to hate it. And as a result often times hate any situation that is gives rise to them blushing. They’ll avoid presenting, speaking up in meetings, asking for assistance, telling a story, chatting someone up. It’s so challenging for them to fell judged and exposed they try to minimise the amounts of time during the day that they have to endure it.
And many blushers go through life preoccupied with when and if they will blush and how to set it up so they suffer the least. It can be very restrictive and hold blushers back from achieving what they are (otherwise) capable of.
In the extreme there is an operation that some blushers undergo to help stop the blushing, but before it gets that invasive there are other approaches that work very well.
Hypnotherapy to resolve the emotional causes works wondrously well. As does an application of EFT (emotional freedom technique) and EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing).
Most people who find blushing an issue can remember it becoming so – normally during school years – being asked to read in class or being singled out in some uncomfortable way. Some relate that it got to be an issue around puberty when we naturally become more self conscious. And others feel it’s been a problem from even earlier.
In any case it’s a learned response to a perceived threat and because of that it can be unlearned. Those ‘triggers’ can be neutralised.
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