A broken body is not a broken person…

I watched this TED talk and was moved by the strength of character Janine conveys.

This woman while road cycling, training for the Olympics, collided with a speeding van. Her injuries which included multiple bone breaks, skull fracture and spinal injury put paid to her Olympic dream.
Her story is both an inspirational and teaching tale. She was able to come to acceptance for the change in her life path and the state of brokenness of her body, she conjured up a new dream to pursue, she made decisions about the course of her recovery that were life affirming (at times that were the most difficult), and she had the self belief and discipline to achieve her new dream. All the while managing her emotional response to the many arduous challenges that come with building a new life and rebuilding her body.
This is what’s possible with a good internal sense of strength, the abilty to learn from and feel connected to others coupled with an inspirational dream. It’s quite remarkable and a testament to our ability to make healing choices and recover from significant and serious difficulty.


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