Resolutions (Stopping Smoking)

Quit – NY Resolution…

Stopping smoking is a common New Year Resolution most smokers make, most Januarys’.
“This time it will be different. This time I’ll beat them”.
You’ve had the yearly checkup and the yearly lecture from the doc. The flu this time was harder to shift than the last one. You’ve overindulged over the Xmas and feel a bit poisoned.
You want to kick start 2015 and quitting is the perfect way to show you mean business.
You set the date, told your near and dear ones and lasted a day….maybe 10. Less than last time.
Now frustrated, angry, upset and a little bit embarrassed. You joke it off and take the slagging. Another failed attempt is the last thing you needed this dreary long strapped month.
The stop smoking ad’s and scare tactics still run and seem louder and more personal than ever. They taunt you, reminding you how powerless and dependent you feel.
You hate feeling this way – and have had enough.
What if you are not a failure? What if it’s not your fault? What if you are just approaching quitting in a way where succeeding is unlikely?
Knowing how to do something efficiently and successfully is a big part of getting the results you want.
Quitting can and is easy when you are shown how. Hammering a nail with a banana is near impossible, but use the right tool and it’s simple.
Stopping smoking is like that. We’re not designed to quit easily using will power, and you are not a failure if that’s all you’ve used and haven’t succeeded.
I have helped 100’s of die hard smokers, with multiple failed attempts in the past, quit with ease.
No tetchy mood swings, no snapping at friends, no withdrawal, no stress, no cravings, no weight gain – no problem.
One session using the right tools, in the right way and what seems difficult is experienced as easy.
That’s all it takes. To find out more or to book an appointment visit or call 01 207 9615.

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