6 Proven ways to improve your health

There is a direct link between nutrition and mood and also our physical health. The following is a list of 6 clinically proven ways to improve mood and health through nutrition. It is recommended to adapt these ways and to research further so that you are educated and better able to make successful health choices.
6proven ways to improve health
1. Vitamin C.
Required to be taken in quantities much higher than the RDA. The therapeutic range for Vit C therapy is 6,000 – 40,000 mg per day. There is over 60 years of clinical evidence of using Vit C therapy in high doses of 10,000mg + a day. It works with so many processes in the body and acts as a anti viral, anti bacterial, anti aging, anti histamine and anti oxidant.
• Claus w Jungeblut first published on Vit C as prevention and treatment for polio 1935
• In 1935 he showed Vit C inactivated diphtheria toxin
• In 1937 he demonstrated Vit C inactivated tetanus toxin
• Between 1943-1947 Frderick R Klenner, a specialist in diseases of the chest, cured 41 cases of viral pneumonia with Vit C. By 1949 he had successfully treated polio.
• By 1946 William J McCormick showed how Vit C prevents and also cures kidney stones. By 1957 how it fights cardiovascular disease.
• Beginning in the 1960’s Robert F Cathcart used large doses of Vit C to treat flu, pneumonia, hepatitis and eventually in the 1980’s and 1990’s ADIS.
• In the 1970’s Ewan Cameron (Scotland) and Hugh D Riordan (USA) successfully used high doses of Vit C against cancer (intravenous and oral dosing of Vit C)
2. Plant based diet .
Automatically low fat diet and will usually result in natural weight loss for overweight people. High in fibre and nutrient dense. Feel better, be healthier and usually cheaper.
3. No Junk food
• Reduces sugar automatically. Whatever your health problem sugar makes it worse.
• Reduces artificial colours and other harmful food additive intake automatically.
• Reduces hyperactivity automatically.
• Reduces fat automatically.
• Reduces cost.
4. Niacin
• Cheapest, safest and most effective way to lower triglycerides, LDL (bad) cholesterol
• Cheapest, safest and most effective way to raise HDL (good) cholesterol
• Cheapest, safest and most effective way to treat schizophrenia, psychosis, depression, Obsessive compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety and even osteoarthritis.
• The levels of niacin required varies from person to person. The therapeutic range is 2,000 – 4,500 mg /day taken with food. Niacin causes a harmless flush response that some people don’t like, however the non flush niacinamide can be taken instead and will provide the same psychological benefits.
5. Multivitamin with ever meal
• Biggest health bargain on the planet
Cheaper than eating right. Even a cheap version is better than nothing.
• However high potency natural versions are best
• Select one with natural Vit E (delta-tocopherol)
• Avoid ferrous sulphate iron preparations as they can upset the stomach or get a version without iron (if male, post menopausal or have haemochromatosis)

6. Read.
Knowledge is power so research nutrition and its effect on mood and physical health.
Andrew Saul phD

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