Anti – Anxiety Self Help Training Programme.


SPECIAL OFFER PRICE: 147 Euro (a saving of 173 euro!)


The anti anxiety course is delivered in 6 modules. You will receive an email once a week for six week. Included in the email will be a link to each module. The modules are video recordings of the teachings.
In addition to the video training you will receive an extensive workbook in pdf format that will give you in written form the theory covered in the video training. It will also leave space for you to fill in and work through the exercises.
There are hypnotic tracks provided in mp3 format for you to listen to in order to gain confidence, positively visualise your preferred outcomes and reduce anxiety and stress.
In addition to the main training you will receive 4 bonuses as outlined below to help you discover and meet previously un-met developmental needs, practice positive affirmations and gratitude and will also have the opportunity to email me questions for a full year.


1) Physiology – how the body’s inputs influence mood.
2) Belief work: discover what do you want and what is holding you back.
3) Techniques for change – how to dissolve a limiting belief and/or stressful memory.
4) Language – Self Hypnosis.
5) Going deeper – discovering and recovering deeper blocks.
6) Emotional mastery: Learn how to handle and release the emergency emotions of Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Fear, Anger, Desire/craving


1) Developmental Needs – reclaim and champion your inner child to become a healthy integrated adult.
2) Positive affirmation – learn how to do affirmations and listen to empowering positive affirmations.
3) The Art of Gratitude – learn and benefit from becoming thanks giving.
4) Ask Ailish Anything – for 12 months after purchasing you can email me questions and ask for guidance and clarifications on applying the material.