Hypnotherapy to Help with Inhibitions or feeling Inhibited: by Dublin based hypnotherapist Ailish McGrath




If we look at the definition of Inhibition we see it as:

A) a feeling that makes one self-conscious and unable to act in a relaxed and natural way.

Synonyms; shyness, reticence, self-consciousness, reserve, diffidence, bashfulness, coyness, embarrassment, unease, wariness, reluctance, discomfort, hesitance, hesitancy, apprehension, nerves, nervousness, insecurity.

B) the action of inhibiting a process.

  • We can feel ourselves to be inhibited in social situations, mixing with people we are attracted to, talking to authority figures and those we consider to be better than us or important in some way.

  • We can feel inhibited in expressing our sexuality.

  • We can feel inhibited and stifled in our creative, sporting or work pursuits.

  • We can feel inhibited in getting our point of view across, speaking up in meetings.

  • We can feel ourselves to be inhibited by others, life’s circumstances or our obligations.

    In fact the feeling of inhibition can arise in a variety of situations and with different people and groups.

    If we get to a stage in our life where we expect ourselves to feel inhibited and no longer try to participate in a way that we prefer we have developed a personality ‘trait’ and have identified with a feeling state to the extent we think it’s who we are (rather than an uncomfortable feeling we sometimes feel).

    The cause of Inhibitions:


    The causes are many and varied.

    For the most part inhibition is the result of our early conditioning:

  • If we have memories of feeling ‘on the spot’, ridiculed or embarrassed we may develop a trait of feeling inhibited so as to protect ourselves from the pain of exposure and rejection.

  • If mistakes were punished or not allowed in our home or schooling we may lose our freedom of expression and ability to relax because we ‘have to do it / get it RIGHT’.

  • If there were strong ‘moral’ or judgemental teachings about the appropriateness of our bodies, sex, expression we may have guilt and fear around these topics.

  • If there was undue emphasis on’ what others think of us’ then we may develop the strategy of inhibition so that ‘they’ don’t have cause to be talking about us.

    Inhibition can stem from a once off learning experience that felt dreadful or can result from long lasting conditioning in our families and social group.

    Treatment for the feelings of Inhibition

    Getting help for the feeling of inhibition is advised if it’s proving problematic for you i.e you are missing out on social, sexual or professional opportunities that you would like to go for. You are avoiding people or situations because you expect to feel inhibited and as a result life is less enjoyable than it could be.

    Hypnotherapy, emotional and memory clearing and healing through modalities like NLP, EFT and EMDR can all help with the restricting feeling of inhibition.