Hypnotherapy to Help with the emotional pain of Divorce: by Dublin based hypnotherapist Ailish McGrath


Divorce (emotional pain of breakup and loss of married life)

With the introduction of Divorce in Ireland in 1996 the amount of people who are opting for legal separation and ultimately divorce is rising. There are several stat’s quoted for the prevalence of divorce worldwide with the number averaging from 1 in 3 to 1 in 2 (in the western world), with most divorce happening within the first 4 years of marriage.
Being a relatively new experience in Irish culture managing our emotional state during the breakdown of a relationship and dealing with the stresses that can arise in counseling, mediation and in legal and court meetings is new territory culturally and personally and those emotions can be challenging.

A difficult breakup and a stressful divorce can have an impact on:

  • our self esteem
  • our ability to embrace change
  • how we adapt to different financial circumstances
  • how well we renegotiating the parenting of our children
  • how we deal with our ex’s new partner(s) and any additional children they bring to the mix
  • our openness to new relationships (if we can trust, love, be emotionally available to another person)
  • how we set about looking for fresh relationships when we haven’t dated in years
    Through the process of divorcing we are likely to experience very strong emotions and limiting beliefs may form or limiting beliefs may surface that we didn’t realize we had:

  • We can feel cheated, betrayed, rejected, angry, vindictive, resentful, sad, angry, powerless, ashamed or inadequate.
  • We may have difficulties imagining a future without our ex or not want to move on.
  • We may experience significant changes in our social life, friends, family and finances and those changes can challenge our resourcefulness and adaptability.
  • We may miss deeply the ‘normalcy’ or status of being married and no longer feel like we fit into society.

    Getting help with the stress of breakup and divorce.


    Some who divorce naturally go through a grieving process, adapt to the new situation and move on in a way that is kind, respectful and loving towards themselves and others.

    However, others find the process more difficult and may feel stuck, may feel they are regressing and may feel it opens up old wounds. If this is the case for you it’s worth getting assistance from a neutral person who is equipped to help you through the stresses of breakup and divorce.
    Learning emotional clearing and healing skills, learning stress management techniques, forgiving and letting go along with building self esteem will all help through the process of divorcing.