Hypnotherapy to Help with Destructive Patterns and Habits: by Dublin based hypnotherapist Ailish McGrath


Destructive Patterns and Habits

Most of us have some form of pattern or habit that we recognise is not in our best interest and that we would like to change. Perhaps we eat a bit too much junk or rich food around holidays, birthdays or celebrations. Perhaps we drive too fast on the motorway or sabotage success in our job or relationships to some degree.

When the pattern or habit is getting to the stage where it is significantly impacting on your life, relationships, health or career it has become more than a little annoying and instead is destructive – then it’s time to make a real and lasting change.

Types of Destructive Patterns and Habits:

The kind of destructive patterns and habits we engage in are varied and specific to each person. They are usually along the lines of:

  • Destructive Health Patterns: Smoking, binge drinking and eating, excessive dieting, drug taking, addictions, too little or excessive exercising, neglect or denial of the bodies signals like pain, fatigue and so on.

  • Destructive Relationship Patterns: Jealousy, inappropriate expression of anger, falling for ‘unavailable’ people, inability to commit, constant rowing, cheating/affairs, shutting down, withdrawing and ineffective communication habits.

  • Destructive Career Patterns: Difficulty in getting on with team members and bosses, not sticking to a career when you want to, not going for opportunities due to self- doubt or fear, aggression, not able to concentrate or follow through on tasks.

  • Destructive Personal Patterns: Engaging in negative self talk, putting yourself down, doubting yourself. Not setting goals or entertaining possibilities of success. Putting up with abuse or limitation longer than needs be. Procrastination. Compulsive spending etc

    Getting help for Destructive Patterns and Habits:


    When we don’t seem to be on our own side, when we cannot seem to make progressive change even though we have tried or when there is a significant conflict between what we have decided we want and what we are used to doing then it’s a good idea to get help to work though the conflict and resolve the pattern or habit.
    Destructive and limiting patterns can be changed and released. There are many approaches that work well in pattern and habit changing including hypnotherapy, suggestion hypnosis, creative visualisation, memory healing and re-consolidation, emotional clearing, EFT, EMDR and other therapeutic interventions.